How do I become mentally strong?
I was astonished to hear everyone’s stories and how different they were. Mom and I have lived in the same house for almost 30 years, but we both lived in a different mind world.

To become a mentally strong person, you must have a clean and big heart that does not interfere with your inner self.

Since I was a child, I was mentally fragile because of the countless minds I did not want to face or think about. One of these thoughts occurred when I found that my mother seemed to like my sister more than me. Another was when I felt that my friends were ignoring me and when teachers seemed not to pay attention to me. I felt so many negative emotions, such as anger, disappointment, sadness, etc. My fear of being in such a situation grew more and more, and later I became a coward who could not bravely challenge anything. 

Since childhood, the scars in my heart have accumulated little by little over time, and they will not heal. Later, they reached the point where I could not handle them anymore. I suffered from social phobia and obsessive-compulsive disorder.

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I joined a meditation center with a vague hope that there would be a better way to take care of my mental health. After I started meditation, I recognized the first event in which my fear began.

I could remember getting burned when I was two years old. I was playing around the room and knocking down the electric kettle with boiling water on my own. I only heard about this event from my parents, but I didn’t have any memory of it. So, I thought it wasn’t a big deal, and only scars on my right arm and leg proved the case. However, that experience acted as trauma and started my victim consciousness. Even small things that would be considered insignificant to ordinary people had a tremendous impact on my mental well-being.

I shared the story of my growing up with my mother. In her memory, I was loved by everyone. I was lacking in nothing. I was a good and sincere child. However, I found that my memory was the opposite of my mom’s. In my memory, my parents and relatives loved my younger sister more. I felt that no one cared about me, and no one understood me.

I was astonished to hear everyone’s stories and how different they were. Mom and I have lived in the same house for almost 30 years, but we both lived in a different mind world.

Through constant meditation, I realized that the tens of thousands of minds that I held in me were fake and did not exist. I realized that I was not alone, that everyone held all kinds of minds, and everyone’s minds were different because they experienced the world differently.

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I was able to pull these images, which had held the minds out without suppressing them anymore, and I realized that there was nothing to fear in the world and no reason to discern good or bad things. As my mind changed to accept everything, I understood and accepted the minds and views of others. I became able to concentrate and work without unnecessary thoughts. The driving force to live in this new way came from the infinite universe mind in me.

A person with a clear mind is a person who can embrace all things. Your mind becomes strong because you are not controlled by the images that you hold of yourself and the world. This occurs when people develop the mind of the infinite universe within themselves. This frees a person from his narrow mind. Only then can the desired relationship, love, and success be achieved.

I would like to share a short video with you in the hope of finding a real solution for you. Please know that your answer cannot be obtained from outside, but from within.