Truth is within me,
the Land of Truth is within me.

You may have heard countless times in your life that Truth within in you. I’m sure you have faith in Truth within you. But, even though you believe in Truth within, you have never seen Truth within you.

It’s a bit strange, right? If you have something within, you should be able to see and know it. Why is it that you don’t know where it is and how it exists, even though you believe that Truth is within you?

The reason is simple. This is because the human mind overlaps to Truth. This meditation is where to teach the method you can find Truth within by discarding the human mind.

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Woo Myung

Woo Myung is the founder of this meditatin method started in 1996. As a result of years searching for a way to achieve human completion, Woo Myung founded Ma-Eum Su-Ryun with its 7-level method to discard human mind. He has since dedicated his whole life to helping people of the world to discard all of their human minds so that they can live completely with the mind of the Universe.

He is also a bestselling author who has written 11 books of Truth, only wishing for more people to become complete and live happily in freedom as Truth while living.

Even though there are many people all over the world who are on the path to completion through this 7-levels of discarding mind, Woo Myung does not rest because of the countless more who are still living with suffering, waiting for a way to be free of their struggles and become Truth. Teaching people that it is their right to live eternally, Woo Myung continues to awaken the Universe within people, one at a time.

“Instead of being a person who dies and disappears in vain, I hope that you will learn the method of how not to die while you are alive, be born as Truth, and not die.”

“It is my hope that before I die, Truth will spread all over the world and that all people become Truth.”

– woo myung

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