What do I do when I run out of hope?
The difference between other living beings and human beings is that only human beings have the idea of a self.

How difficult is it to find and maintain hope in a life that cannot know the future? The moments when our hopes disappear from day-to-day life are when we face something we don’t want to face, things don’t go as we intended, or when we feel desperate or lost. Why is it that in this world only humans live with so many needs and attachments?

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Lions in the jungle are killing other animals to live, but they don’t worry that they won’t get food tomorrow. The flowers in the field don’t hesitate to bloom because they are worried about what the weather will be like. The lions hunt and the flowers bloom without thinking.

The difference between other living beings and human beings is that only human beings have the idea of a self. So, in our minds, we live our lives for this self. But when you look at it this self is just an illusion created out of pictures that we collected of ourselves and how we fit into the world. Each person is different because they have collected a different set of pictures.

Animals live as part of nature so whatever they do, is done without the mind of doing anything, in harmony with nature. They have no regret, anger, victim mentality, or feeling of inferiority. Man’s consciousness consists of these pictures of himself and his life lived.

A self-centered mind program from his own life was also passed down by example and inherited biologically from his ancestors. Putting all these things together, he created himself.

You can see from its ingredients that this self is not natural. Since it is only made of images, we hold it in a constant search for those images to be validated. So, we are always looking for understanding, approval, and acceptance.

When we don’t get them, we feel horrible. We can feel alone, isolated, worthless, empty, and as if there is no hope. Trying to support this false existence, we can grow weary and feel like we will never feel hopeful again.

The reason we feel that way is because there is no life in the film that is running through our minds. If you feel hopeless about living in that movie, that is actually a good thing, it means you are ready to awaken. You are feeling the futility of living for the false manufactured self. That self always needs from the world and never gets enough.

You may not realize it, but this is actually wisdom. You have solved half of the puzzle, which most people never do. You are the person who will know that you have been living in a fake world, and there is no hope in there because it is an illusion. You have an opportunity to get out of there and live in the real world. This world doesn’t require validation, acceptance, or approval because it’s real. It is a world of unconditional peace and happiness, and it’s all natural. It’s your natural place to live.

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I found this out through meditation. I found that if you discard all these images in your mind, all the countless images you stored from birth until now you can begin to come out of that mind world of the self. You might think that if I do that, what will be left of me? But as those pictures are cleared, the real mind you’ve been looking for will remain.

When you find that mind in you, you can live with the wisdom to clearly know what is true and what is fake in this world. You will gain wisdom to know all the world’s principles. Things like fear, isolation, loneliness, and so many other negative minds will disappear. Instead of standing on images in your mind, you will feel like you are standing on solid ground. Such a life is hope itself.

Since, thankfully, the true mind is something anyone can find, I am writing this article with the sincere hope that no one will ever give up and will discover the true joy of living as their True self. When you find out the hope that never changes within you, you will know the answers to all questions and your true purpose in life, and you will be able to live a life without regrets and live a life of gratitude every moment. There is no longer any need to worry about failure or loss because your will becomes the world’s will.

I hope you can find true hope within and live as the owner of your mind and life.