Gurgaon Meditation

You Can Find Everything
Within Your Mind

Our online meditation sessions
are going on 7 days a week.

Gurgaon Meditation
The Ultimate Goal Of Meditation

Now, You Can Achieve
The Ultimate Goal
Of Meditation

The important thing is whether the method of meditation you are doing will take you to Truth exactly. We have the systematic process of discarding the human mind – karma, habits and body – which is the reason of incompletion, so that only the land of Truth remains within your mind. You can be reborn from there as Truth.

Our Programs


Free Consultation

Through 1:1 meeting with our meditation guide, you will find out the overall process of this meditation and how it can help you to achieve your goal.


1 on 1 Meditation

Once you join, you will start with one-on-one sessions until you get used to the method and will continue to get the personalized guide by booking.


Regular Meditation

Daily group sessions are held for all members on a regular schedule. After getting familiar to the method, you will deepen your meditation.

What Makes Us Different?


As it is the method from Truth to take us Truth, it proceeds simply in common sense. It is the simplicity anyone who has experienced it can testify.


As it is the process to find the true mind that actually exists within you by cleansing the false mind, you can clearly enlighten Truth in each step as much as you cleanse.


The method is systematically and completely constructed by Teacher Woo Myung, so that anyone can reach Truth step by step throughout the process.


As this method is to find Truth which exists within, it equally works for anyone regardless of nationality, cultural background, religion, age, gender, education, etc., if a human being.


As all enlightenments and results come from Truth revealed by cleansing the false mind, it is not temporary but eternal, and at the end, it will bring you eternal life.


Enlightenment and completion, which have only been read and heard from books, are actually achieved through this method practically. With the advent of this method, the era of talking about Truth only by words is over.

We are conducting ONLINE only

Thoroughly guided live on ZOOM, you can join through your mobile or laptop regardless of your location.


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