How do I get a simple life, full of happiness?
With consistent practice, the complex thinking, habit of overanalyzing and anxiety reduced. And the small, simple things added up.

For me, a simple life starts from the mind.

A simpler mind begets a simpler life.

Previously, when my mind was more complex, small things like replying to a text message could become difficult.

For example,

Someone messages: Hi Rohene, how are you?


  • sees message
  • overanalyze – why did the person message? What do they want? Will it take a lot of time and effort? Why doesn’t the person get straight to the point?? I’m not sure how to respond…
  • feel exhausted – no desire to engage


Message seen, never replied. Wasted time and energy with no outcome.

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Thankfully, nowadays I can respond to these types of messages without overthinking it.

All thanks to meditation.

With consistent practice, complex thinking, the habit of overanalyzing, and anxiety were reduced. And the small, simple things add up.

Conversations with friends got simpler over time. Lifestyle choices got simpler over time. I no longer feel anxious over simple things like these.

As the mind clears up more, it is easier to be grateful and happy for basic things like water, sun, simple meals, and electricity.

I’m super glad to be where I’m at now.

Hope this helps. I’m also dropping a link, which could help more. Thank you! 😊💛