What are the best ways to improve your personality?
Because normally we think of ourselves as right without any doubt. But, I may not be the righteous or good person that I thought.

Some people make me think that they have a good personality. While meeting them, I found common ground that they have. There will be many things but, generally, people who have good personalities have an acceptable mind and are positive. I was the one who also wanted to change my personality. I wanted to accept others well without conflict, but it was hard for me and my mind didn’t want to accept them deep in my heart.

But through 3 steps, I was able to change my personality.

1. Recognize me objectively

The way I perceive myself is much more glorified than my actual self. If you want to change your personality, you need to know your real self. How I really act, speak, and think. Because normally we think of ourselves as right without any doubt. But, I may not be the righteous or good person that I thought. People try to change when a problem is seriously perceived.

2. Admit my real form.

After you see your real self from an objective perspective, you can truly admit that you could be wrong. That thinking is the best opportunity for you to change. If you can admit your real form, it’ll be much easier for you to change yourself.

3. Discard rooted mind

This last step is important. even though we recognize ourselves, if we still have all the rooted minds for our behavior, it is hard to change. You can pretend you’ve changed, but it’ll be painful. When you discard and solve the fundamental reason from your mind, then you can truly change your mind and your personality.

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I could go through every 3 steps through meditation.

Through meditation, I could see myself objectively and precisely in terms of how I act, speak, and think. and I realized that I was not the necessarily right one. Then it was much easier to accept the fact that I had to change myself. So I’ve discarded my fixed thoughts and conceptions that I accumulated from my life through the meditation method. When all the negative and fixed minds have disappeared, my mind has changed to a positive and acceptable mind. I hardly changed, even if I tried so hard in the past, but after I discarded my rooted mind diligently, my mind and behavior changed naturally.

The first step to changing one’s personality is to know oneself objectively and precisely. I appreciate the meditation method of being able to look back on myself, and I also appreciate I could change. I’m sure it will work for you, as I did. I’d like to share a video, it’ll help you understand how to clear your mind and, furthermore improve your personality. 🌱