What causes jealousy? Is it possible to not feel jealous of another’s success or happiness?

I used to be very jealous of others, especially those who were smarter, more driven, or had a broader perspective than me.

The starting point for any person must be to come to terms with their own jealousy. By that, I mean accepting it. Like this: “It’s may not be pleasant, and I don’t feel good about being jealous of others, but that’s the sad truth—I’m a jealous and bitter person. That’s what I am.”

The root of jealousy lies in our inherent inferiority complex, which, to varying degrees, affects us all. This inferiority complex can be described as a greedy mind mass that convinces us we’re not good enough as we are and that we need to be better. When combined with character traits like laziness or lack of talent, it’s the perfect recipe for becoming a bitter and toxic person.

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It’s crucial that we recognize this darker side of ourselves because only then can we change it.

Change occurs by acknowledging what we have and letting go through meditation. Meditation is truly the key to addressing nearly any problem in life. Through this practice, we connect with an inherent wisdom within ourselves, which is not subject to inferiority or jealousy. By uncovering this wisdom, we can begin to operate from it, rather than from the jealous and inferiority-ridden mental mass. It doesn’t matter how old we are or what situation we’re in; we can always tap into this inner wisdom. It’s not reserved for a select few. We all possess it because, at our core, we are it.

I’ve been meditating for 10 years now, and it has completely transformed my perspective on the world. Before meditation, I believed I could force my mind to be less inferior and jealous, but that’s not possible. Only by letting go of inferiority and jealousy through meditation can we find inner peace.

Nowadays, jealousy is not a significant part of my life. I focus on what I do with minimal thoughts about other things. It’s very liberating and fulfilling. Occasionally, bouts of jealousy may surface in my mind, but I know what to do with them: I recognize them (i.e. take responsibility for them) and let them go. That’s it!

So, for those who wish to free themselves from jealousy, I strongly encourage you to seek out a meditation center that teaches the practice of letting go of your mind. Nowadays, many centers offer online courses under the guidance of a personal tutor. For more information, please watch the video below.