Why should I not complain in life?
The reality that I could never control was nothing but an illusion that I have created for myself, and I’ve been living inside of it, judging every person and every situation that came to me. As I started to realize it more and more, I was able to discard them at the same time.

I’ve always been someone who could never be satisfied and had a lot to complain about this world. I always found it strange that other people had minds that were different than mine and how they acted and lived with it.

I believed that this world that I was living in can’t be all there is because I felt there was something off about this world itself. I also believed that there has to be another world that I want somewhere out there.

Although I had some vague idea that there might be another world or some kind of existence that is overseeing all of this, on the other hand, I was also frustrated by the fact that there was nothing that I could do to change the reality.

We accept the reality of the world with which we are presented

– By Christoph, the producer of the Truman show

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I saw this movie ‘The Truman Show’, and it was about this one man whose daily life was being filmed and broadcasted in a form of a variety show, and the whole world has been watching him 24/7 from the moment he was born as he grew up.

I felt that my life wasn’t that different from this man’s. More often than not, things didn’t work out, and I was always negative because I lived my life always being afraid that things might not work out the way I wanted them to.

And then I began to practice meditation, and one day I found myself discovering the answers to the questions I had on my own. I have taken pictures of everything from my perspective and stored those pictures in my brain, and that was the world that I was living in. The fake world has been magnified to the size of this real-world and they’ve been exactly overlapped.

The reality that I could never control was nothing but an illusion that I have created for myself, and I’ve been living inside of it, judging every person and every situation that came to me. As I started to realize it more and more, I was able to discard them at the same time.

I got more engaged with meditation, and one morning, as I was going to work, as usual, I noticed that something has changed. I used to feel like I was stepping into a prison every morning when I entered the building, but that morning, I looked at the building before walking in, and suddenly felt a huge wave of gratitude. I was so amazed by what I was able to experience – to be able to see things just the way they are once the film of the negative mind that I have made was taken away.

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And I also started finding things to be grateful for in my daily life, something that I couldn’t see before because of my negative mind. For the first time, I genuinely felt thankful that I have a family and home-cooked meal made by my mom always waiting for me at home. Until now, I lived without being grateful to those things, and as I looked back on my life, I realized more and more what a narrow-minded person I’ve been and felt humbled before the world.

I was in awe and also felt grateful for the sun that never fails to rise every morning, and again I felt thankful that the moon would always rise in the evening as if giving a much-deserved rest to the sun. The world was perfect and everything was flowing according to nature’s flow without any flaws. And only then I was able to recognize that this world has been constantly providing me with the air to breathe, water to drink, and a place to sleep in even while I was lost and frustrated inside my picture world.

If the air that I’m breathing disappears even for just a few minutes, I won’t even be able to complain or worry, right? All of those countless worries and thoughts that I had were luxury in a way, and they were nothing but mere illusions that were stopping me from being thankful.

At the end of the movie, the producer confessed the existence of ‘The Truman Show’ to Truman, and suggested to him to continue living as a celebrity inside this safe stage, saying that the outside world wasn’t that different from this anyways. But Truman refused, saying that he cannot continue to live under surveillance like this, and left his last words to the viewers.

“You never had a camera in my head.”📷

The Truth that is hidden in our false minds is the true self that all of us have been looking everywhere for, and that’s why it is the most valuable thing and everyone has to find it on their own. Anyone can find it if there is a method to do so. It’s not something that others can do for me – it can only be achieved when I find it within myself with the right meditation method, and that would be the reason and purpose why we came to this world.

The more I threw away my narrow mind world, the more of the true mind and the world was revealed. And this true mind became a real strength in me to be able to accept any condition or situation that comes along my way with gratitude. I felt thankful for everything without having to try or make effort to accept and realized that this world was just gratitude itself, just the way it is.

This was something that I’ve only heard of, but it has come true for me. I’m confident that this is something everyone can achieve, and that’s why I’m now working as a meditation guide and I am truly thankful for this opportunity to share my experience and positive energy. With the hope that all of you can also live a life filled with gratitude, I’d like to share a video clip.