What is the problem with thought and feeling?
Many people realize the futility and meaninglessness of remaining trapped in their mind worlds and feel drawn to discovering the truth about reality. However, they often don't know how to achieve it.

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I would say that the fundamental problem with thoughts and feelings is that they don’t express reality or truth. Reflect on it: what use does a thought or feeling have if it is not grounded in reality?

Thoughts are not real; we live in an illusionary world

Another way of expressing it is that we, as people, live in our illusionary mind worlds. We are trapped inside our thoughts and feelings, and we live, love, and suffer within them.

For example, let’s say two people witness the same event. However, they will not experience the event in the same way. They will think and feel differently about it. For one person, it may stir up anxiety and fear, whereas the other person may remain relatively unaffected. The point of this example is not to advocate for indifference towards things, but to illustrate that thoughts are entirely subjective and do not reflect reality.

Look for a way out of your thoughts

Living inside our mind worlds becomes tedious. If our mind worlds are filled with drama, that is what we will experience. If we are negative, that is what we will see. Many people realize the futility and meaninglessness of remaining trapped in their mind worlds and feel drawn to discovering the truth about reality. However, they often don’t know how to achieve it. But now there is a way. There is “salvation”. This can be achieved by emptying the clutter in our minds and breaking down our mind worlds.

I have been meditating for almost 10 years now (since October 2013), and I have come to realize many things, the most significant being what I described above: that I, along with all other people, live inside our own illusionary mind worlds dictated by our own thoughts and feelings. I have come to understand the hopelessness of such a world and the importance of breaking free from it.

Our mind is the root of our suffering. Our minds harbor an inferiority complex, which gives rise to greed, suspicion, competition, selfishness, cynicism, and so on. As we let go of this inferiority complex, our thoughts will gradually become aligned with the world, i.e., truth, and will no longer stem from the falseness of our mind.

By stepping out of our own minds and breaking free from our, mostly narrow, perspectives of the world, we can solve the fundamental problems we experience in this time and age. This unequal world, controlled by greed, fear, suspicion, and anger, would change if we, the people, were to emerge from our mind worlds. We would naturally coexist because we would see ourselves and others as the same. We would experience reality, recognize the value of ourselves and others.

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Meditation is different from religion

Currently, only a few thousand people are sincerely engaged in this practice, but I hope that more people will join in discarding their minds. In doing so, we can experience something higher than thoughts and feelings, namely true consciousness and the true world. That world is a place of coexistence where everyone can thrive.

This is what religions have been referring to when mentioning heaven or paradise. However, meditation differs from religion as it doesn’t involve faith or belief. It’s a journey of becoming. You confirm the result within your mind, while living. As you empty your mind, you gradually begin to perceive reality breaking through, much like the sun breaking through at dawn.

If this message inspires even one person to explore it, I would be more than happy.