How can I stop negative thinking?
A positive mind is a state of mind that can accept both success and failure together. Only accepting minds are positive minds.

The reason we can’t stop negative thinking is because we deny those negative thoughts.

I only want to think positive thoughts without negative thoughts.

I can do it!

People who make up this mind in any situation are often said to have a positive mindset.

If you challenge something with such a mind, it will be more important to be calm about the outcome. What if I tried my best and the result wasn’t good? It’s okay, though. I can do it again.

Is it a positive mind to be able to use this kind of mind?

So how many times can such unwanted consequences be tolerated?

Can I have the mind that it is always okay, even if it is repeated 100 times instead of 10 times?

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In the positive mind, the negative mind together exists like a shadow. Since this world is made up of yin and yang, each person who thinks “this exists” has a corresponding mind of “that doesn’t exist”.

It fits into the reason that all of the minds come from the original mind, which doesn’t have the mind of ‘existence’ and ‘non-existence’ only when yin (-) and yang (+) exist together.

In order to maintain individual peace and social order, we raise the level of equalization and average in each field, and we cry out for equality. When the balance between both sides of the balance is maintained, it can stay horizontal, and we feel that the state is stable.

Then, how should I deal with the negative mind that always follows the positive mind I want to use?

Discernment of the mind

When you do something, there are two main consequences. Success and failure.

Desired and Unwanted Results

If you don’t admit both possibilities and you’re only focused on success, can you really execute it with confidence? In the corner of your mind, there will be a fear of failure.

If you could admit that fear exists and accept it as your own mind, then you wouldn’t have been harassed by negative thoughts.

A mind that is conscious of others

People always want to show themselves as strong and confident people. This is because in the society we live in if only we were like that, we could win others over and be recognized. But if we can see inside ourselves and if we can listen to our voice, we can see that winning and being recognized are not the only things that make us truly happy. With so many challenges and goals we choose in order to not be hated by others and to look better, we are increasingly losing ourselves.

How strange is it that you don’t know what you really want, that you don’t know the source of the negative thoughts that come out of you, and you can’t control them?

Solutions and results

In my case, I also hoped that I could be full of confidence, but my heart was not. I asked myself a lot of questions about whether I could always live with a positive mind because of the anxiety that came up suddenly, but the anxiety inside me only grew. It was from meditating that I realized that the more I suppressed it, the bigger it got. I didn’t want to admit that I was afraid. It was because of the discernment I had that fear is a bad mindset.

A positive mind is a state of mind that can accept both success and failure together. Only accepting minds are positive minds. If you accept the suffering when you fail, you may be worried that you will fall into the suffering. However, the result is the opposite, and you will feel free from the fear and suffering of failure.

The cause for the negative thoughts disappears.

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As I meditated on the inside, I decided not to ignore any mind within me someday. The anxiety, fear, and despair that had been suppressed within me were recognized and faced one by one, and I was no longer alert. The negative minds didn’t grow anymore and they didn’t bother me.

It is the same reason that I feel comfortable and not anxious when I am next to someone I think is my true friend. When I accept any mind within me as my friend, they no longer attack and bother me. It just plays a grateful role in helping you recognize and cope with dangerous things. In order to be able to use the mind freely, use it when it is needed, and not use it when it is not needed, it is necessary to know well about one’s mind and not have discernment about the mind.

Recognizing the problem is done by the mind. And if the problem originated in my mind, I would have to solve it within me. I want you to confront yourself without hating or rejecting any of your hearts. If you have children and you love only smart children, do not love the less capable children, and try to hide the children whom you don’t love; you will never be happy. If you can love even the child you hated, that child may pay a far greater return to you than that smart child.

I hope you will turn your interest from the outside to the inside, from the visible material to the invisible mind. I would like to say that that is by far the only thing you have to do to solve your question.