What can help me fall asleep at night?
There is nothing more painful than not being able to fall asleep. I fell asleep with difficulty, but waking up in the morning was more challenging, and I was tired all day.

I fell asleep right away when I was young. It became challenging to fall asleep as life got tougher. I began to toss and turn for an hour and two hours in bed. I used to work even when I got home late or watch YouTube, movies, and games to soothe my tired mind. I ended up going to bed after midnight. Even though my body was so tired, I couldn’t sleep because many thoughts came to mind. There is nothing more painful than not being able to fall asleep. I fell asleep with difficulty, but waking up in the morning was more challenging, and I was tired all day. But I lived, thinking that’s life. Then, I couldn’t sleep for several days and became hospitalized due to serious health problems. Finally, I decided to change my lifestyle to get good sleep quality.

1. Not eating at night

Let’s not eat food after 8 p.m. at the latest. Staying up late makes you feel hungry and want to eat something. You can’t sleep well if you go to bed with a full stomach. Scientists say that at night, the human body produces hormones and energy necessary for the body from nutrients taken during the day. This period is crucial to recovering the body. If you eat food, you spend energy digesting it. It causes health problems due to a lack of recovery in your body system.

2. Walking in the sun

Walking in the sun has more benefits than just boosting your mood; it’s a natural way to increase your vitamin D levels, which are crucial for various bodily functions. One such function is the regulation of sleep patterns. Exposure to sunlight helps regulate the body’s production of melatonin, a hormone that controls your sleep-wake cycle. People who don’t get enough sunlight might experience disruptions in their melatonin production, leading to sleeping problems. By getting regular sun exposure into your routine, you can help improve sleep quality and establish a healthier sleep pattern. Daily sunlight brightens your day and can lead to more restful nights, making you happy.

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3. Living an organized life

When I go to bed, I have a lot of worries and anxiety about the near future and how I will live in 10 years. Concerns about the future come up when there is no concrete plan for what to do. Let’s organize what to do tomorrow and next week and live an organized life. Make a plan, practice it, and achieve it one by one. I do my best for what I have to do today. I live today. I only live at this moment. A new day awaits me tomorrow. I can go to bed with a grateful heart.

4. Doing something for others

People become happy when they live a meaningful life. Then you can sleep well. Saying warm words and behaving thoughtfully to the people around us gives us joy. When we go to bed, we used to regret what we did to others. Let’s change how we talk and act. Then there will be less to regret. People feel rewarded when they live a life for the whole rather than just for themselves. We can grow together.

5. Meditation

When I can’t sleep, all kinds of thoughts come to mind. What happened today upset me, and the first thing I must do tomorrow keeps coming up. These thoughts make it harder to sleep. Let’s empty what occurred during the day through meditation. Throw away the accumulated things as they come to mind. The more I throw away, the lighter I feel. Let go of them. If there are too many, it’s good to keep a diary before you go to bed. Just writing a journal helps me organize my mind. As a further step, write a thank-you diary. Things taken for granted become grateful and make me stable and positive. It makes me sleep well. At least look for something to be thankful for today rather than counting the sheep until you fall asleep.

My sleep problem is the result of my daily habits. Changing the routine is challenging because it is ingrained in the body. It takes time and effort. First, reflect on my day and write down what I want to change. If you need to change many things, choose one of them and practice it first. Keep a diary while practicing changing your habits. When one habit changes, start the next one. Keep doing what you want to change. When my behavior changes, my life changes. Why don’t you practice one small thing from today?

Thank you for reading my writing. I hope this video helps.