How do you get to know yourself?
We were looking on the outside for everything we wanted as well as the answers to all our questions. However, it was impossible. Everything must be found on the inside.

When babies smile brightly, they look like angels. Even if they sing with different pitches and beats, or dance out of balance, it’s just lovely.

This is because they express themselves as they are, without a mind to be good, to show off, or to worry about what others will think of them.

Red flower, yellow flower, purple flower, orange flower—don’t you think flowers are beautiful because there are various flowers? It would be boring if there were only purple flowers in the world. No flowers suffer from inferiority.

If we all look the same, what fun do we live for?

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We shouldn’t compare ourselves to each other, each of us should be recognized as unique beings.

If you think, “I’m good or better than others,” the thought itself will hurt the other person.

Is the person who thinks he is worse than me the one who is worse?

There are 7.7 billion people in the world, but no one has the same mind. This is like saying there are 7.7 billion different mind worlds. We need to know what the human mind is that each person contains. These are different stories, feelings, and emotions.

1. Karma (life lived)

I am not the image I think I am. I am an illusion, and I am deluded it is me. The countless stories that I have experienced and the countless feelings I have felt were fake. Only I, who was an illusion, claimed they existed.

Everything was a dream. The life I lived is my movie, which only I can play. If I miss my school life, I can go to that school life scene and experience the feelings and people of that time again.

2. Habits

The human body is like a camera that takes a self-centered picture with five senses: eyes, nose, ears, mouth, and body.

My life, my destiny, is determined from birth by the habits I have received from my parents and ancestors.

We take pictures of everything we see, hear, and feel every day from our own perspective, save it, and struggle in it. However, did anyone tell us to take pictures and save them? Taking pictures is also a habit, and the way one takes pictures is also a habit. I cannot be one with my opponent because I think only what I experienced and saved in my mind is right, and I suffer and weigh up the pros and cons of what is in my mind.

3. Body

Even the body that I think is me and the body that contains all the karma and habits is a delusion. If even the body, which is false, disappears, only the universe, which is the origin, remains, you can live a new life with a new body and a new mind. You can achieve human completion while you are alive.

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We were looking on the outside for everything we wanted as well as the answers to all our questions. However, it was impossible. Everything must be found on the inside.

Wouldn’t it be cooler and nicer to wake up from that dream than to try to change the content of a dream?

You have to find yourself by waking up from the dream, by throwing away the human karma, habit, and body.

If you have a question, you can find the answer within yourself when you do meditation. Truth is in me, and I can find all the answers, peace, happiness, and freedom within me. When Truth is in me, I can be free from any environmental influence; it is great freedom to see everything and everyone in the world as they are.

Without knowing who I am, I cannot set the right direction for my life, and I can’t expect a happy life. I hope this video will help you find your true self, which is the most important thing in the world, so that you can live a true life.