What is the single most important quality for parents to have?
Because I was living inside my mind world which is fake and false, I had a lot of stress , pain and burden. And I was looking for ways to become a good parents outside myself, that is why I was never successful.

What is the single most important quality for parents to have?

Most of us strives to be good parents. We give all of our hearts in raising kind, well mannered and successful children. We try to make our children to understand the value of a good human being and how to live with others and treat them well and also how to grab any opportunity that comes on their way and make a successful life.

All we want is our children to be good human beings.

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I am a mother of two joyful boys and I adore them! I remember when I was pregnant to my first son, I was trying my best to learn on how to be a good parent. I visited different parental apps and learned about parenting ideas. I checked on how to take care of my body, what not to eat, took my vitamins, and did all I could so as to have a healthy baby. I chat with other mothers on how to raise a boy and what I should expect of them. I was always online reading , researching and learning about parenthood. I even went to the extent of checking out good early age schools while I was still pregnant, weird right?

People would tell me it will be alright and I shouldn’t panic over little things, children always survived but I never listened to them. Due to lack of enough sleep and anxiety, I was very depressed. My body was tired, I couldn’t take care of myself, and I was a very difficult person to be around. I spent more time online learning about parenting.

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I was obsessed to be a good parent to my son. I tried to hire experienced nanny, prepared the nursery for baby and made the house child friendly as possible.

When my boy arrived, nightmare begun. I was worried about him every second. When he had a rush on his face, I would panic and called his doctor or ask my sisters what should I do with it. At night, I couldn’t sleep well because I felt the need of taking care of him all the time. I did not trust anyone with my child, I had a lot of negative thoughts on things that might happen to him. I was very critical and hard on people around me e.g. doctors, helpers and also my relatives. I thought no one can be a good parent than myself.

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Due to stress and lack of enough sleep, I decided to look for ways to reduce stress and calm my mind. Then I decided to try out Meditation. At the beginning, it was very difficult to concentrate but I promised myself to take it as my new little project, so I took it slow and I was gentle to myself.

My Meditation instructor explain that the reason why I have anxiety, stress and worries is because I do not have Truth within and the Land of Truth within. This truth is everlasting and never dying existence and it is the creator of all creations. It is called God in Christianity, Buddha in Buddhism and Allah in Islam.

The Land of Truth is also known as Heaven, land of bliss and paradise. In order to have God within and Heaven, land of bliss and paradise within, one must eliminate the Human mind world.

Human mind is made of Karma, Habits and body. The karma is the life lived since one is born until now, habits are what we have inherited from our parents and ancestors and body. The Human mind overlaps the world-so we throw away the Karma, habits and body then Truth remains. After that we can be born from there and live in the land of Truth eternally (without death). Because we have Truth within and the Land of Truth within, all of our problems will be resolved. We will know all the ways of the world and we will have wisdom.

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Because I was living inside my mind world which is fake and false, I had a lot of stress , pain and burden. And I was looking for ways to become a good parents outside myself, that is why I was never successful. No matter how many articles, or psychological journals I read, I could not accomplish anything. I now understand the reason why I was never succeed before is that I was looking in wrong places. Therefore, I began following the Meditation Method sincerely and discard my karma, habits and body. I realized that all answers are within me.

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After diligently meditating for four years, I was able to get answers to my parenting questions.

I realized, no matter how hard I tried to be a good parent inside my mind world, I couldn’t succeed.

The only way to become a good parent is to eliminate the human mind(karma, habits and body) completely and have Truth within and the Land of truth within. You can not find God, Buddha and Allah outside yourself- but it exist within you.

With the Meditation Method one can be able to achieve this. Is there anything more important than this?

The more I meditate, my mind became calmer, I can now understand my children and treat them well. If I have Truth within and land of truth within, isn’t that enough to be a good parent? Definitely, yes!

Nowadays, I worry less of my children’s future, their well-being, academic performance and I neither compare them with others. In stead, I do what I can at that moment and Truth will take care of everything.

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Above: A photo of my sons at the beach.

My relationship with my boys have become very beautiful and sincere, and we listen to each other. The more I meditate, the more I set myself and them free, I do not nag them with my conceptions or my upbringing habits or expectations, I just let it be.

I trust the teachers who take care of them and they are doing a very good job. I am very grateful to Truth.

I am not concerned worrying about the future anymore, because my most important Journey is to find truth within and the land of Truth within.

So the single important quality for parents to have is Truth and the land of Truth within. This is the most important quality that each of us parents should seek for so as to raise our children well.

I will share a video on how to be a good parent, I hope it will help all the parents out there who are looking for answers. The Answer is within you. Thank you.