What can I do to become smarter?
As I continued to meditate, I realized that having the right mindset is so important in this life. I was able to take off my narrow perspective glasses that were distorting the world, and rendering me ignorant and close-minded. The meditation method I was practicing helped me restore my stained mind back to its clean original state enabling me to eliminate many contradictions...

What can I do to become smarter?

Let’s take a look at the definition of what being smart and wise is. Is it just about succeeding academically, fiscally or socially or is it about being able to live a fulfilling life with ease? I believe it’s the latter as everything we do is to have a fulfilling, meaningful, and happy life. 😊

I would like to share my personal story about how I could eliminate the ignorance that hindered my wisdom. I was a very emotional child. When I saw a scene of a clear, transparent sea even on TV, I usually cried because it looked really beautiful. But one day, as I was drawn to the sea, I had an unfortunate near-death experience and my perception of the sea has completely changed.💦💧👼

The sea that I used to imagine and love no longer existed because of my bad experience. The sea was no longer beautiful to me, instead, it has become a giant monster that could have killed me. I felt confused about what the real definition of “being beautiful” meant because of this experience.

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A little while later, I started to meditate. This helped me clarify my fears and my emotions. I found out that there was a problem with the perception I saw and felt. The image of the “beautiful sea” was created by imagining and thinking of it the way I wanted it to be.😭 And my “beautiful sea”‘s true identity is that it’s an illusion my mind made up. This illusionary “beautiful sea” had disappeared entirely when I drowned in the sea. All I remember is that the water suddenly came up to my neck, and I kept shouting for help to the crowds on the beach, and finally, one rescuer jumped into the sea and saved my life. There were three facts that I ignored that day.😅

1. The fact that the sea was at high tide🤦‍♀️

2. The fact that I cannot swim🏊‍♀️

3. The fact that I kept walking into the sea in a state of illusionary trance ignoring the facts.😱

My mind was immersed in the beautiful image of the sea stored in my mind. The image was overlapped and covered reality as it was in the same shape as the real sea, so I could not grasp the obvious facts.

Even in everyday relationships, I used to judge others according to my perspective and mistreat them without knowing them well. Because of this, I gave them unexpected misunderstandings and scars.

From my narrow thinking, I was expecting that everything would work the way I wanted it to, so I found it challenging to adapt to the world’s progression. It was almost impossible to find a solution because I saw all my situations and environments from a negative, narrow perspective.

As I continued to meditate, I realized that having the right mindset is so important in this life. I was able to take off my narrow perspective glasses that were distorting the world, and rendering me ignorant and close-minded.

The systematic and science-based meditation method I was practicing, helped me restore my stained mind back to its clean original state enabling me to eliminate many contradictions that had cluttered and fogged my mind. After all that, I am now able to comfortably live a life of harmony with the world and others.

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I gained true wisdom through meditation. I urge anyone who reads my story to start this meditation because I feel it is essential for everyone at this time. I urge you to stop wandering around without knowing when the time bomb inside you will burst and cause harm to you, the people around you and the world; instead, let’s remove those mental bombs and return the mind to its original smart and wise state.🌞

A smart person abandons his self-centered mind and has a genuine heart that can understand the other person because his words and actions are based in reality and are objective. He has empathy, and is persuasive.🤓

If you want to be smart, you don’t have to win against the other person, but rather, even in your loss, understand and embrace the other person, and in the end, you can move that person’s heart. If you’re smart, you don’t take advantage of others, but you know how to treat them well, and you can have harmony with anyone above or below you.

Departing from the stereotype of believing that smartness is proportional to the amount of knowledge, status, and wealth, I want you to think about what state of mind really will bring you satisfaction. Here’s my advice for you.

🔸First, find your smart mind, that is, your true mind🍀

🔹This true mind will help you know what you want,

🔶Then you will be able to gather the power to achieve what you want,

🔷With the knowledge and wealth gained from your true mind, you will be able to use it for the world around you. This is the real way of how to live life with true smartness.😊

As your mind returns to your original mind without clutter and contradiction, every moment of your life shall become a joy and a miracle.😃 Is there anything cooler than this in this world?🌷🌼🌳

I wish for you to find your true mind and live a complete life by becoming a smart leader in whatever you do. I would like to share with you a short helpful video that supports my story.💜💛