Timcy Kapur Tuli / Housewife


“While doing this meditation, I experienced lots of changes. I became very confident, acceptable about myself and free from judgement by me and others. I also became very positive about everything, and also about my past which was the biggest obstacle. The more I threw away, the more I got the clarity. I am so happy that I’ve got to know the true purpose of my life.”

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Madhu Roy / Housewife

“I could finally stop my search, when I met this meditation. While following the method patiently, my dreary depressing life started to change significantly. This method is certainly the shortest way to the Truth and its promise is far bigger than any other path. Not only will we find the Truth, but we can live eternally as Truth starting from this lifetime itself.”

What are some characteristics of successful people?

When I started meditating six years ago, I was a housewife who was angry at the smallest mistakes made by my children and husband. By continuing to meditate, I was able to let go of my egocentric mind and my behavior changed. In my current position, I teach character education to children and develop school programs. Money and fame don’t make me feel like I’ve succeeded…

What is the secret to insane productivity?

Insane productivity builds up and results when you set a specific and actionable goal, continuously implement it, and have daily feedback. It’s like drilling through a rock when the dripping waterdrops are on the spot accurately and constantly—insane productivity results from accumulating small practices.