Sankar Kalyan / IT Consultant

“Discarding, abandoning, shedding – these are positive traits that I realized practically through the simple, yet effective method taught here in these sessions. One need not gain knowledge, as knowledge, permanence or God is within you. All you need to do is discard the debris you have accumulated over the years and realize that you are collecting debris while recalling them and shedding them thereafter. I feel lighter. I feel I can see myself, as if I am watching another person. And that’s curiously liberating.”

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Ria / Consultant

“The peace and calmness this meditation brought within the first week itself, motivated me to continue following the method without any doubts about its effectiveness. Following this method brought a consistent positive outlook and that has enabled me to solve daily life challenges with simplicity. Meditating has become a part of my routine – sometimes even more than once a day. This meditation follows a simple and very effective method to manage oneself and become closer to the universal truth. The sessions are very well guided by both the mentors and they patiently responded to any queries that arise during one’s journey. I am grateful for having come across this method.”

How do I survive in the corporate world?

Meditation is helping me accept my managers and co-workers. I used to think other people were the cause of my unhappiness. I realized others were not the problem and myself was the problem. Through meditation, I am looking at myself who judges co-workers, managers, clients and I am letting go of these thoughts I created. This has allowed me to accept where I am and find happiness inside me.