The Way to Become a Person In Heaven While Living

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What is the human mind? What is the meaning and the purpose of life? What is enlightenment?

Countless numbers have asked these questions and many have tried to answer them. This book provides the ultimate answers.


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How to Become A Person In Heaven While Living


Hardcover / 361 pages
Publication on June 8, 2018


The ultimate answer to the questions about the reason and purpose of our existence.

Why are we born into this world, and what do we live for?


Teacher Woo Myung provides the answer to this deep question through his book, ‘How to Become A Person In Heaven While Living’
The reason why humans are born is to achieve human completion and to become Truth. It is not for the purpose of just making money or having a comfortable life. In other words, he is saying that one needs to know why he is born into this world and where he goes when he dies. One has to live the life of Truth, know the principle and meaning behind life and death.

Life of Truth is the life of great liberation without any concerns or worries. It is the life lived following the flow of the universe just as nature does. It is natural for anyone to have a wishful thinking about living such a life. However, if you are not able to achieve it in reality, what use would it be?

Teacher Woo Myung talks about ‘how to’ become a ‘person in Heaven’ in this reality that we are living in at the moment, ‘while living’. He talks about living the life of nature’s flow.

This is possible because even though we are currently living with stress, having become enslaved to materials, fame, and desires, our original self is nothing like this. Which means that you can become a complete existence if you discard the self-centered human mind and recover your true nature.

The ultimate happiness and life of Heaven can be achieved by becoming the mind of Truth while one is alive. The author earnestly convey throughout the book that Heaven is not a place one goes to after death, that one should go while living.

Such a level of consciousness cannot be understood from within human conceptions or knowledges, not to mention one cannot reach that level. It can only be achieved through the process of emptying the mind, through self-reflection and enlightenment. With this method it is possible for everyone to achieve it regardless of their ethnicity, level of knowledge, or any other background.

Perhaps, it was said that Truth is truly fair because this process that is taking place now is open to everyone. The life that all humankind has been yearning and dreaming for is given to all of us who are living at this moment, not just to a special someone in a distant future.