Self Balancing Food (Vegetables)

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Self Balancing Food (Vegetables)



Every organ in a human body has its own special nutritional needs.

Self Balancing Food satisfies the complete nutritional needs of all 5 major and 6 supporting organs.


Weight 900g (60 servings) / 55kcal per 15g / One Pack for One Month / 100% Organic


– Raw Material Name and Content: Onion 10.36%, Cabbage 10.36%, Spinach 10.36%, Broccoli 10.36%, Sweet Potato, Tomato, Corn Silk, Carrot, Almond, Licorice, Vitamin C, Garlic

– How to Take: Add 15g of vegetable powder to 150ml of water or beverage and stir well (recommended twice a day)



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