Lipsa Mohanty / Business Analyst

Around 2020, I was suffering from a series of issues like anxiety, depression, OCD, etc. But, when my father introduced me to Gurgaon Meditation, the magic started. The method of this meditation allowed me to discard all my false thoughts that I have stored in my mind since birth. I realized that I was neither my mind nor my body. Over time, my fears vanished. I felt lighter by the day and happiness radiated from my face. I learnt how tiny my problems are in the vast expanse of the universe. This meditation method soon became my strength and my savior to be able to discard anything. I found that the universe was me and that God resided within me. I found my faith back. And, that self realization was the magic of meditation.

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What is the highest form of intelligence?

The highest form of intelligence is the true mind. We all possess the true mind. It is simply hidden from the selfish and negative human mind. Our human minds must be thrown away in order to regain this true mind. What is more important and urgent than pursuing a prettier, smarter, wealthier, and happier me is to look back on myself and throw away the wrong me.

What are some tips for being happy despite having an ordinary life and not achieving anything great yet?

After meditating, I’ve realized that my idea of happiness by becoming successful was unrealistic. Life happens here and now. All the time. Thanks to the meditation, my mind changed and I’m naturally happy and content since I’m not stuck in negative thoughts. In fact, I’m happy right now, writing these lines. I’m happy despite there are things that may not work out the way I have anticipated…

How do you get motivation when you feel low and lazy?

By meditating, I emptied my mind. I threw away thoughts and emotions from my mind. Thanks to this practice, my mind has become much more spacious. I have much less resistance in me now. I can still feel lazy, but it is now much easier for me to just look at my to-do list and start working on something. It doesn’t take long until I have forgotten how tired or heavy I felt. And by the end of the day…