How can I control my anger?
Anger cannot be resolved by suppressing it. Somehow it shows up. It's like you can't stop the smell just by covering the trash bin with the lid.

Here’s an exciting study of the impact of feelings I want to share with you before talking about. 🙏

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What we can infer through pictures

1. The anger inside us may damage our surroundings or our body.

2. As long as there is anger in us, even if we suppress it and not express it, it negatively affects our surroundings.

If we want to control our anger, we need to know where the anger comes from. We need to know the cause of our anger to get rid of it or control it.

1. Where does the anger come from?

  • The root of anger comes from our lives and habits.

2. How can we control our anger?

Through meditation, I was able to learn and meet a straightforward solution to my anger. I want to share what I learned and realized.

Through the meditation method that can cleanse my mind, I could look back on myself and abandoned my life lived and habits rooted in my anger.

Looking deep in my heart, all the moments of high expectations for myself, expectations for others, and the habit of anger that I inherited from my parents and ancestors were piled up. Because those minds remained within me, so even if I tried not to get angry, I couldn’t.

But because I get rid of those minds,

  • Strangely, my anger gradually disappeared, and my mind became naturally relaxed.
  • When there was a lot of anger inside me, I couldn’t see myself objectively. I was busy blaming others and only complained. Even if I did something wrong, I didn’t think I was wrong. I just blamed others and the environment. However, after I abandoned my mind one by one, my anger began to disappear naturally. As much as I discarded it, I had the power to see myself objectively, and I was able to recognize and admit my faults. I felt it was terrific. Instead of blaming others, I’ve come to appreciate it.

Anger cannot be resolved by suppressing it. Somehow it shows up. It’s like you can’t stop the smell just by covering the trash bin with the lid. You shouldn’t just suppress your anger or ignore it; instead, you should empty your mind.🙂

Let’s practice meditation that works for anyone. As I could do it, you can also do it. Let’s clean up our minds and restore our true happiness. I will leave the link to a short video clip to learn more.🙏