How does one succeed in life?
The four virtues introduced here compose the mindset and attitude we need in order to live a successful life. But, the fact of the matter is, that these are basic virtues that we also need when we meditate

How does one succeed in life?

To talk about this topic, as an example I would like to use BTS, the most successful boy band of our current generation. For those of you unfamiliar with BTS, they are simply a worldwide music phenomenon with a devoted fan base and often called “the Beatles of the 21st century.”

The group, consisting of seven Korean youths, is recognized for their innate musicality, elaborate live performances, and social messaging in catchy songs that globally inspire people beyond race and language barriers. Of course, their success was not achieved just suddenly.

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BTS made their debut as underdogs facing great obstacles in a notoriously difficult industry full of them. As a casual observer of their dramatic ascension to stardom, however, I couldn’t help but notice the important role that positivity has played throughout their journey. I strongly believe that their positive mindset is inextricably connected to their rise to prominence — including, each member’s attitude towards life. This is what I want to talk about.

  1. Honesty

Love yourself – is a message BTS uniformly emphasizes by openly showing themselves backstage just as they are, unfiltered. Fiercely confident, yet without exceeding into self-indulgence, the septet sustain a remarkable family-like support system with each other and seem to have no hesitation in opening doors for others as well. It is no wonder that as result of this openness and honesty with themselves, despite their business relationship, they’re able to maintain more trust and tenacity than even a real family.

2. Self-reflection

BTS’s concert In the behind-the-scenes video, we see a receptive band behind the glittery curtain carefully listening to their production team’s feedback to which they immediately reply, “We can fix this!” It is this eagerness and self-awareness that allows them to view from another perspective, to zoom out, rather than linger in the criticism that may particularly sting right after performing a relatively satisfying show. Perhaps, it’s this willingness to habitually self-examine that keeps them grounded while simultaneously reaching new heights in popularity And if you listen in on their conversations, and the amount of introspection within them, a sudden tinge of shame may magically come up, like it does for me, as one looks back on oneself.

3. Communication and respect

Often throughout interviews they are asked, “How do seven members who are together for such a long periods of time deal with conflicts? Are there quarrels between them?” (I’ve been curious about that too since I’m quite interested in relationship dynamics.) To that, they simply respond, “Before the emotions build up, we talk about it at that time.” In other words, they’ve managed to master the skill of communication and to respect each other’s opinions and varied perspectives without stubbornly adhering to one’s own personal standards.

After all these years, they still talk to each other with the utmost courtesy and remain impressively close. Similar to what’s needed in interpersonal relationships like family, I feel communication and respect have been absolutely essential to their harmonious professional evolution.

4. Be grateful

In countless interviews and award ceremonies, BTS have constantly expressed much gratitude towards their huge international fandom (known collectively as ARMY). At first, I thought it was merely perfunctory, but have learned to recognize the sincerity in their appreciation, even when the cameras are not rolling. It’s a testament to this genuine gratitude, to their ability to find their own Truth, express their unique talents with service to humanity, and not take for granted how they arrived to this place, that inspire BTS’s fans to stay so deeply devoted. They are a textbook example of how positivity breeds success.

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The four virtues introduced here compose the mindset and attitude we need in order to live a successful life. But, the fact of the matter is, that these are basic virtues that we also need when we meditate : being honest with oneself, reflecting on oneself, connection with others, and always being grateful. Even if you were to practice only these four things – along with meditation, you can easily achieve completion; a truly satisfying life. In the end, it becomes a natural outcome that if you keep these virtues as defaults in your life moments, you can succeed in whatever you do.

If you want to find happiness and success, the secret is not that far away. If one tries to discover their true mind, become it, and treat the world with that mind, the world will never turn a blind eye to it; success will manifest itself naturally just like a gift.