How do I manage my bipolar disorder?
Through the method I practice I have been able to work on these inherited behaviours. Feelings like anger, sadness, anxiety have reduced significantly.

Thanks for the question. People have given some really good suggestions here. I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder 16 years ago and can manage my life much better by doing the following things regularly: I haven’t had an episode for 8 years now. I hope the following ways help you:


Walking, biking, and dancing. Going to the gym, jogging, and cleaning the house. Yoga, boxing. Any time of movement is good.


Food has a direct impact on my mood. I eat a vegetable and grain powder every day for breakfast, which I have done for 7 years. It is called Self-Balancing-Food and is made in Florida in the US. It is completely organic. I swear by this. It is a superfood! It is a mix of 10 vegetables and 10 grains. It works out to be about $4 per meal.

Give it a go! It might just save your life 😊

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It did have a very earthy taste at first, but now I 💖 it! As soon as I eat it, I feel better. I also lost a lot of weight that I had put on because of the medications I was on. It has many benefits. They deliver to most countries. The website is here for more information:

Meal Replacement Powders

Location: New Universe Food, 9005 147th Road Live Oak, FL 32060 Call us at 847.847.2999


Meditation saved my life and is the reason why I can write this article for you today. Practicing a method where you can self-reflect and discard the mind, I think, is best. At the bottom of this article is a video that explains the self-reflection meditation I have practiced for 10 years.

Meditation pulled me out of myself so I could be in the present more

My doctors told me that bipolar is inherited from our family tree. Through the method I practice, I have been able to work on these inherited behaviors. Feelings like anger, sadness, and anxiety have reduced significantly. In combination with the other methods recommended in this article, I have been able to live a normal life and find purpose and joy.

I highly recommend meditation as a way to manage bipolar.

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I am a supporter of medication because it has helped me to balance my mood and episodes. I have taken medication for 16 years and have tried different ones until I found something that worked for me. Because of meditation, I have been able to reduce my medication. I take much less compared to the past.


Keeping a gratitude journal is a great way to change perspective from the negative to the positive. Writing about what I am grateful for changes my thinking. I do this before going to sleep, and it helps a lot. Even small things like:

  • I’m grateful for the blue sky today
  • I’m grateful for the smile the person gave me today

I’m grateful I could write this for you😊