How do I develop the habit of working hard?
Now I’m doing 120+ hours a week for weeks on end, no problems, and I’m full of energy, because my brain is not wasting it all on useless thoughts (even when I’ve only had 2–3 hours sleep)!

How do I develop the habit of working hard?

Short form vs long form answer…. Go!

Having a clear mind!

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Easier said than done! What even is a clear mind?

A clear mind, to me, is a mind that doesn’t have 10,000’s of thoughts!

In the past, when I tried to work, my mind was full of thoughts and distractions. I would get stressed when things were difficult, and I would turn to drugs or food to comfort myself…. This wasn’t exactly a healthy habit, and as you can imagine, not a lot of good work was ever done haha 😀

I had the ability to work really hard from time to time, but I could never really sustain it. Now…. I can reaaally sustain it.

Now I’m doing 120+ hours a week for weeks on end, no problems, and I’m full of energy, because my brain is not wasting it all on useless thoughts (even when I’ve only had 2–3 hours sleep)!


1) Meditation:

By looking at myself ojbectively in meditation, I can reflect on all the times I wasn’t productive, and all the bad habits I had which stopped me from being productive. Then, when I throw them out of my mind, it frees my mind up from the 10,000’s of thoughts and I can develop new habits.

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2) Exercise:

6/7 days of the week I work out. I do this in the morning to set myself on the right path for the day with a good release of endorphins

3) Vegetable based diet:

I still eat meat, and I still eat junk food, but I try to keep my diet vegetable based as the body can break it down much easier, keeping my energy levels higher for doing work I need to do

4) Structured days according to my energy levels:

I tend to have an afternoon slump. So I make sure I do things that are easiest in the afternoon, and do the difficult tasks in the morning.

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5) Goal setting:

Psychologically, when you tick something off your list, it gives you a little boost. But more importantly, you have clarity on what you need to do and how you’ll do it, so there’s no need to waste time on thinking.

6) Limited caffeine:

I used to rely heavily on caffeine to get me through a day, but what goes up, must come down. Now it’s a treat. I don’t need it to work hard, I just have it because I enjoy the taste

7) Routine:

I used to think I was a “free spirited creative”, so along with this way of identifying myself, I had no plans or routines. So I drifted, and wasted so much energy even on figuring out what I was going to do.

8) Discipline and consistency:

This one has taken the longest to build, and I’m still working on perfecting it… But doing things, no matter what, and no matter how I feel! I set myelf challenges (like the 100 day gratitutde challenge I’m doing now) to build this habit.

9) Gratitude:

The right mindset is everything. This can only happen with a clear mind for me…. I can pour myself wholeheartedly into everything I’m doing!