How did exercise change your life?
When you take off your shoes and do earthing, you too will feel close to nature: the feel of the earth under your feet, the tingling sensation.

One exercise I’ve been doing on a daily basis lately is earthing. It involves walking barefoot in the dirt. Before I do this exercise, I go to the doctor and get a tetanus shot, just in case, and then I walk barefoot in the park near my house, rain or shine until the sun goes down. I usually do it while the sun is still in the sky because after the sun goes down, I might step on some sharp stones.

exercise change your life

I’ve been doing this exercise for a month now. Here are some of the effects I’ve experienced.

1. I sleep better.

Because every inch of my feet is stimulated, I feel sleepy after 10 pm, and I sleep until 7 am the following day. I’m happy to get enough sleep.

2. Get stronger ankles

My right ankle has been weak since I was a kid, so I’ve always had some pain. Walking barefoot forces me to use not only the soles of my feet but also the back of my feet and my ankles. As a result, my ankle pain is gradually decreasing, allowing me to use both legs in a balanced way.

3. The colour of my face improves.

When I do earthing, I walk slowly and breathe in and out deeply, which calms my mind and focuses my attention on the stimulation on the soles of my feet. Your whole body’s qi and blood circulate well, which is why your face’s colour improves and becomes more beautiful.

4. Get close to nature

When you take off your shoes and do earthing, you too will feel close to nature: the feel of the earth under your feet, the tingling sensation when you step on a small pebble, the cold and soft texture of mud on a rainy day. The feeling of my body being one with nature humbles me and makes me feel like nature is enveloping me in its embrace.

That’s the physical exercise I do every day.

And I do one more, a mind exercise. That’s meditation. Meditating for about an hour every day to reflect on myself and let go of stress is a mind exercise. I’ve been doing this consistently for over six years, and here are the results of my daily practice

1. I feel less and less angry, anxious, and stressed.

As I reflect on and let go of the negativity and lies that accumulate in my daily life, I feel less stressed.

2. You become more practical and change your behaviour.

I have the energy to take action now that I’m free of false thoughts. My behaviour changed into a positive form because my negative thoughts were discarded.

chewy 3cAMUE3YAO8 unsplash

3. My relationship with people around me and my relationship with my husband has improved.

Meditation not only increases my understanding of myself, but also my understanding and acceptance of others. I can look at events from someone else’s point of view, so there’s no one I can’t understand. Not only that, but I feel grateful for everyone around me, which makes my relationships easier.

4. I know how to live my life.

What I realised after meditating is the law of cause and effect. That if you make an effort, there will always be a result. I use the time I have to the best of my ability and make it count. I don’t dream big and I do the best I can in the little things I can do. That’s why I’ve been in my current job for five years, building my skills and career instead of running away. I am also recognised by my colleagues. I am a happy person.

It is my sincere hope that you, too, will be a healthy person in body and mind. In the hope of your happiness, I present you a video with a beautiful poem.