After meditating for a while, I gradually don’t want to do it, unlike the first time
Even though I started for my own eternal happiness, why do I keep feeling reluctant to do it? I know it's better to keep going, but I don't know what to do with this unwillingness.

After meditating for a while, I gradually don’t want to do it, unlike the first time

en if not limited to this meditation, you’ve already had countless similar experiences in your life. Obviously, you started something with a firm resolution, but for whatever reason, such a strong decision gradually faded and gave up without any results.

Since the human mind itself is the false mind which 200-300 pictures are added every second, it is natural that your mind changes constantly. That’s why you started this meditation to find your true mind, the mind of God, which is everlasting, never-changing and alive.

Fortunately, now you know that such mind, “I don’t want to do” is also just the human mind and it will disappear when you throw it away. If you throw away the mind, “I don’t want to do”, you’ll see that you can surprisingly continue what you’ve been doing calmly.

After that mind is discarded, you will find that it is not difficult at all to continue doing not only this meditation but also everything in daily life. Also you can also discard your strong resolution, “I will definitely do it”. Yes, it is equally the human mind. Then, amazingly you will continue what needs to be done much easier and finally will achieve it even without any stress or pressure !

This is because your mind is returning to its clean true mind without wavering.

For the first time in your life, you’ve met the very method to break such a vicious loop which your mind makes. If you overcome this little stage, it will make lots of things easier. You will continue to make things easier and easier by discarding your mind like this, and you will finally have the best life of achieving everything you want without any blockages.

Changes will never happen, if you follow the mind that comes up every moment like a habit. You even miss the only chance to change your life. But, you can definitely change yourself, as many people have already done.

Let’s try this simple 4-step together:

1. Close your eyes.

2. Bring up the pictures of the moment you felt that you didn’t want to do it and you wanted to give up.

3. Simply throw them away using the method.

4. Open your eyes.

Yes, it is easily confirmed that it is the false mind which can be thrown away. Please make sure to check for yourself.

Then, we look forward to seeing you in the next meditation session !