Experiencing headaches or drowsiness while meditating. Is that normal?
What will be the reason of the various body symptoms you are going through while meditating? Is this normal? Or is it that something goes wrong?

Experiencing headaches or drowsiness while meditating. Is that normal?

This is a kind of side-effects, and it is natural symptoms that everyone experiences at least once when starting to discard their minds.

Okay, your mind has never been discarded since birth up to now, and has been only accumulated for decades. That’s why your mind has always controlled you as if it were your master and it hasn’t been easy for you to control your mind. In such a situation, as now you are trying to discard your mind for the first time in your life, it is that your mind resists you a bit using your body in this unfamiliar situation.

However, this is also what is created by the mind, so if you continue to discard your mind, such symptoms will also disappear naturally within a few days. As it’s a reaction that only comes when your mind is actually being discarded, it’s also the proof that you’re seriously discarding your mind in order to find Truth within you.

The most common symptoms include mild headaches, sleepiness, drowsiness, dizziness, itching, getting hot or cold, and existing pain getting severe temporarily, etc. So if these symptoms come up while meditating, you don’t have to worry at all, and rather you can be glad, “Oh, my mind must be actually being cleansed.” If you continue to focus on discarding your mind in a way without caring, the symptoms will naturally disappear within a few days and even the existing pain or headache will also go away.

Then, you won your first victory against your mind, even not by temporarily sinking it or pressing it down, but by actually discarding it.