Shamul Sharma / Captain & Music Producer

“This meditation even didn’t demand anything like do’s and don’ts. Through only a simple method, anyone can get awakened to Truth by himself, without any given knowledge. It was constant globally. Seeing and experiencing such difference made me stick to the method. Now I cannot imagine my past self who suffered from stress and depression before doing this meditation.”

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How can I become more self-aware?

Try and think of the people you know. With each person that comes to your mind, their strength and weaknesses will come up as well. It won’t be too difficult for you to list different aspects of that person. It’s because you can have an objective perspective.

Abha Sharma / Architect

“While doing this meditation, I realized that this meditation had the power to live through all the challenges that human mind creates; boredom, queries, frustrations, etc. Now I have inner peace that does not get perturbed by outward events. I go out and meet people more easily than before, as I do not judge people anymore. It is a blessing from heaven.”

Do heaven and hell really exist?

I do not know the will of God. I can’t even explain life and death. I am ignorant. It is my own opinion that I judged good and evil in my life. I have no wisdom. So I wanted to get rid of my fake thoughts. My thirst for Truth is what drives me to meditate.

How does one succeed in life?

The four virtues introduced here compose the mindset and attitude we need in order to live a successful life. But, the fact of the matter is, that these are basic virtues that we also need when we meditate