Abha Sharma / Architect


“While doing this meditation, I realized that this meditation had the power to live through all the challenges that human mind creates; boredom, queries, frustrations, etc. Now I have inner peace that does not get perturbed by outward events. I go out and meet people more easily than before, as I do not judge people anymore. It is a blessing from heaven.”

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Minni Vasudeva / Architect

“This meditation helped me to realize that the problem was never something external, like the situations or other people. It was all within me. While doing this meditation, I was able to reflect all that and cleanse myself. It has brought me to state of constant bliss, happiness and contentment. I really with every human would do this meditation.”

Anuj Vasudeva / Architect

“This meditation had a simple method to discard the false mind, universally applicable to all human beings. I started to empty myself gradually by following the method. Rather than gaining knowledge, I started to get enlightened with true wisdom. All my inhibitions started to vanish, and I saw the world without my own perceptions and judgement. Needless to say, I got a new life.”

Shamul Sharma / Captain & Music Producer

“This meditation even didn’t demand anything like do’s and don’ts. Through only a simple method, anyone can get awakened to Truth by himself, without any given knowledge. It was constant globally. Seeing and experiencing such difference made me stick to the method. Now I cannot imagine my past self who suffered from stress and depression before doing this meditation.”